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Tennessee’s legacy of music greatness lives large in Roane County. Live music is in abundance here.

The annual Half Moon Music Festival on the water is a big draw, and Bradbury Community Club has bluegrass music every week. Marinas and lakeside restaurants buzz with live entertainment, a natural pursuit after fishing & enjoying water sports on Watts Bar Lake, a 39,000-acre, low-traffic, navigable waterway, where you can travel all the way to the Gulf. Water levels stay consistent throughout the different seasons.

Walking and hiking trails, several lakeside, as well as a new bike trail in Ladd Landing, are great recreational opportunities. Area highlights include annual events such as the Christmas home tours and the July 4th festival on the water. Historical landmarks are plentiful, such as Fort Southwest Point, the historic courthouse, the Secret City Train & Cornstalk Heights Historic District. Among active clubs in the area are the Arts Council of Roane County, Master Gardeners, Roane Writers Group, and astronomy and antique car clubs.

For fun out and about in Roane County, paddleboard rentals are available at Kingston City Park in summer, as well as pontoon boat rentals at the marinas. Golfers can choose from the county’s four courses. Several bait shops in the area provide fishing supplies and tips. Each community has ball fields, including Roane County’s own Vintage Ball Team. The Master Gardening Club is very active, as are the Roane County Historical Society and Choral Society.

Roane County is only 30 minutes from Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, with hiking, camping, horseback riding, picnicking, bird watching and more.

Here, you’re close to Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Nowhere else in the world can you step out of a national lab and be in the most-visited national park (Great Smoky Mountains National Park) in less than an hour. Oak Ridge boasts more PhDs per square mile than any other place in the country, with many opportunities for semi-retirement & business start-ups.

Shop at Ladd Landing, a new urban-designed shopping center that offers restaurants, shops and services. Browse historic downtown Rockwood, Harriman and Kingston, all featuring locally owned shops that include antiques and boutiques.


It’s all about the beauty and recreation here. Whether you’re on Watts Bar Lake or the surrounding Cumberland Mountain Plateau, there’s the backdrop of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Tennessee Valley and the four distinct seasons.

Examples of 200k Homes

image description Gorgeous View $225,000 3,374 square feet
image description Spacious Home $215,000 2,452 square feet

Roane County offers affordable lake property in abundance. The county is a mere 20 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee, and an hour from Chattanooga.

Roane Medical Center, the new $76M Roane Medical Center is a state-of-the-art,145,000-square-foot facility located on more than 60 acres. The center features all private rooms, 15 emergency suites, a new cardiac cath lab, computerized women’s services and 500 parking spaces. An adjacent office building includes professionals specializing in oncology, physical therapy and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

Tax & Living Expenses

Recently, Tennessee earned a number-one spot among states considered prime retirement locations in a Bankrate.com study. Ranked by data such as climate, tax rates, cost of living and access to healthcare, Tennessee has a cost of living 9.6% below the national average.

Our state and local tax burden is the third lowest in the nation, with residents enjoying no income tax except on interest and dividends. State sales tax is 7%; 5% for food.

Tennessee has no state property tax. Property taxes are locally determined and collected.

The median home value for Roane County is $121,700.

Higher Education

For retirees interested in advancing their education, Roane State Community College offers classes to retirees for free. Less than one hour east of Roane County, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville offers a variety of courses, undergraduate and graduate programs to fit any interest.

Experience Living in Roane County

We finally discovered our ideal property in Roane County. As soon as our real estate agent parked her car at what is now our property, I jumped out of the car and walked to the shoreline. When Dana joined me a minute later, I was almost asleep standing on the lakeshore. It was so beautiful and tranquil. - Sally Peterka


2452 215000Roane County can take some of the hassle out of your lifestyle visit. We have arranged discounts with select hotels and have coordinated VIP treatment for our visitors with participating development partners (subject to availability).

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Tennessee’s array of amenities will please any interest. Whether you enjoy a active lifestyle or prefer a more leisurely pace, Tennessee provides natural beauty, a mild climate, urban conveniences and rural peacefulness.

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